Winning Twitter Marketing Tactics

OK…I’m addicted on twitter. I likely did what a lot of you have done: I signed up with twitter some months back…looked at it…and said..”Now what am I supposed to do with it?” And walked away.

Post your content on your Twitter feed. While you’re on Twitter, get involved with conversations. You can also find prospects by searching terms related to problems within your industry using the search funtion in My Twitter.

After their day at Discovery Cove came to an end, they took a limo to Hard Rock Live Orlando to see O.A.R. in concert, complete with backstage passes.

The issue is that goals are often made up in our heads and worked on in our heads as well. That may sound like an okay course of action, but really it’s not. If you make a goal solely in your head without writing out a visual and concrete plan of action to get you there, then it is very easy to head off track and do things your emotions tell you to do, and that can end up not being very productive. This is why many people end up taking too many paths towards their goals, some of those path go in circles, and many people never actually make it to their destination goal.

You can use it to automate your tweets. Prepare your messages all at once, make about 20 of them. Load them into the ‘Tweet” submitter, and minimize the program. Now, automatically, every 40-60 minutes, depending on the setting that YOU set, your ‘tweets’ go out.

You need to make sure that every single tweet you send to your followers is of the highest quality. Whenever that tweet has a link the information on the other end of that link has is of the highest quality!

Riggleman getting it right: Jim Riggleman, it seems, has finally gotten a hold on his lineup. Jayson Werth has settled nicely into the third spot, and the Danny Espinosa/Rick Ankiel 1-2 combo is probably the best the Nats can do there (although Riggs should monitor the young Espinosa, who is just 2 for his last 22, and make sure the pressure of leading off does not weigh him down).

They just click the “share” option, select Twitter for example, log into their Twitter account and share the post with their followers. Why is this important? Because your blog is seen by more people which means more sales.


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