What Everybody Should Know – About How To Turn Your Water Off In An Emergency

Without the right tools, getting water from a well may as well be like getting blood from a stone; try all you like, but you’re not going to get a single drop. For something as inherently precious as water, this just isn’t good enough. To rectify this problem, shallow well pumps have been developed which allow the user to gain access to water without too much hassle.

Hand water pumps use a pump rod design. For Simple Pumps, this requires eight pounds of pressure to be applied to a 24-inch handle. Longer handles need less pressure for bringing up water.

A surge watt is a burst of power an appliance utilizes as soon as it starts up. More electricity will be start an appliance so surge watts will be a greater amount than the run watts. Not require surge watts whenever it starts. Light bulbs and smaller portable heating units are types of devices that do not need surge watts to power them. Bigger things, such as a freezer, refrigerator, best pump for home use motor or central heater will require a boost of power when they start-up.

Lets’ go back to the refrigerator, again, pulling out your trusty “calibrated” thermometer (You did calibrate it, didn’t you?) place it in a glass of water that has been standing on the middle shelf of the ‘frig for a good half hour or more. You should be in the range of 35 to 38 Deg. F. Any lower you are wasting energy (Money!). CAUTION, do NOT set it above 38 Deg. F. trying to save more money! Food may spoil and food poisoning could result.

Give factual information to people. Let people know that they must turn off their water faucet while they are brushing their teeth. We taught our children to do this when they were small. They did as we did and well pump for house we all still do. It’s alien to me to let the water run unless it’s necessary.

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Sanitizing your well and piping system with a bottle of bleach and some skills! I have been working on water for over 20 years now, and sanitizing your well periodically is absolutely necessary!

UNICEF has reached 90 countries and provided clean water and sanitation facilities. Their goal by 2015 is to reduce the number of people who don’t have this basic resource by half.


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