Top Holiday Gifts For Your Cat

Last week I had a letter from a young man who wanted to raise money to donate to animal rescue. He wasn’t a registered non-profit, so didn’t feel like he could really ask people for money. After thinking about it for a day or two, I wrote him back with some suggestions that might also help you.

So, if you are tired of sharing your bed space with your kitty, turn to luxurious cat houses to solve the problem. Get one today so both you and your cat, and you especially, can have a good night’s rest tomorrow.

We’ve changed our regular thermostats to programmable ones and got a tax deduction or energy credit for making the switch. Each year, we make sure that their thermostats work correctly and we do test them out during the fall season. They’ve ended up saving us money on our heating bills although it has been hard to figure out exactly how much we’ve saved because gas costs have gone up and they do vary from year to year. Some fall and winter seasons are milder than others.

Even during the summertime, we keep our air-conditioning running 24/7. This 72 degree air is colder than a cat considers comfortable, so a warm cozy bed is still desired and appreciated.

If you really need to treat your cat like royalty, and your cat is open to all sorts of things, you may try specialty cat furniture. There are a number of Bedste kattesenge and houses that are not the traditional wood and carpet variety. These houses and beds have been decorated to make your cat look like a celebrity. If you want your cat to feel like a king or queen, there are even cat beds and houses that look like thrones or crowns, so your feline can rest in style.

If a dog or cat will not work, there are other pets your family can have. Some good suggestions are: guinea pigs, birds and the classic fish. Rabbits can be good but not for children under 7.

Since when do we give more power to so called animal rescues over our lives than we give the government? I do believe it is time for governments, either federal or local to step in and say to the “pet police” knock it off. Once an animal has changed custody through an exchange of money, that animal now belongs to it’s new owner. When you adopt an animal you are NOT leasing it – you own it. The only way a rescue can retain rights on that animal is to foster it out. NO MONEY OR FEES are to be paid to the rescue. In fact the rescue should be paying the foster family, the same way that human foster families are paid.

We could not have asked for a better bunch of cats and all of them just showed up. Who knows if we can actually manifest these events but one thing is certain, they make it known that they adopted us and will keep us around for a while. Hence the tale, or better yet, should I say the tails of three cats.


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