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Let us discuss 7 reasons why people are using blogs rather than the traditional websites. The statistics are showing that blogs are being more popular within business circles are the general business owners are finally waking to the fact that the internet is the best medium so increase sales figures. It’s something the general public has embraced a lot quicker than business. Firstly, let’s discuss what a blog is. A Blog is a weblog, or in common terms online diary. Let’s get into our 6 reasons.

Another way of obtaining page views is by submitting your articles to different areas of the Internet. Many writers agree that promoting your articles a couple hours a week or one day a week is beneficial. There are ways that you can do this.

Ok, so I’m now on another person’s page, another discover new things, and that obviously leads me to more people that are interested in golf. So I’m going to add this guy to my friends, ‘add to friends.’ Again you get this confirmation message, ‘add to friends?’ This person’s now been sent an email saying I want to become their friend.

There are a number of ways to create a blog. There are online blogs services such as WordPress and Blogspot that make it quite easy to start a blog. But the best method is to add a blog directly to your website. There are a number of benefits to adding the blog to your site. In particular, it allows you greater control of the blog, and the search engines will like your site more if the blog is part of your site. You can check with your hosting company to see if adding the blog to your current website is possible. With many of the national hosting companies, adding a blog to your site is as simple as a few clicks.

Cut down on the sodas. Cokes and Pepsis are among the least healthy beverages you can find. Free yourself from the temptation for a couple of weeks and see if you don’t feel better due to that decision alone.

I have seen this reported inaccurately in both national media and on many blogs. Usually, it is misquoted as being a sales tax of 3.8% on the sale of all homes. In many cases, there is an example of a sales price and a tax amount. For instance, the reporter or blogger will state that if you sale a $350,000 home, you will owe $13,300 in taxes on your sale. This is simply inaccurate. While, the Washington politicians are greedy they have not yet created a national sales tax. They have also not created a tax that is likely to hit most people who sale their home.

You can make money when people click on ads, fill out lead forms, or purchase products that you are selling. You can also recruit affiliates into two-tier affiliate programs and make money when they sell products.

This is where FaceTheme comes in! OK, it’s not perfect, especially for people like me who really want to be able to use really hot fonts and that sort of thing.


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