Tips For Setting Up An Effective Facebook Profile

There are a few mistakes i keep seeing guys make in online dating, so I figured I would write a list of the top 6 mistakes that you should do your best to avoid.

Another way of looking at it is that your love will find you. Competition in dating or business or anything else is so 1980’s. Dating is as fun as we let it be. Your home tradings isn’t the product of a marketing plan. It’s a way of introducing yourself, not selling yourself.

Avoid spelling mistakes at all costs in your profile. Nothing will turn a woman off more than reading a man’s profile full of spelling and grammar errors. If you’re using a computer to date, you obviously can also use a word processor to do a spell and grammar check before posting your profile. It really does make a difference.

Another part of having the best profile possible is having a tasteful, flattering photo of yourself. Too many people rely on a dark, grainy webcam image of themselves. If you must use your webcam, at least take the time to make the picture as nice as possible by ensuring that the room (and your face) is adequately lighted, the camera is aimed properly and you are wearing your best smile.

Your online profile dating profile is ADVERTISING. Yes, I believe in truth in advertising. But do you need to slap men in the face with your truth? Uh, not if you want to attract one.

Decide what is most important to you before writing your profile. Maybe you are looking for someone who is of the same religion with you and you should put this in the profile. Next, you may want to mix with people with similar hobbies as you and you should put in your hobbies in the write-up too. These are just 2 examples. You should decide which the most important factors are when you write and put them in your profile.

These people are the best at bragging. You know how you highlight the best attributes from your professional life in a resume? In your resume, you are Professionally bragging. Creating a dating profile using the Driver approach is just like a professional resume, except for your personality. Talk about the things that drive you. Talk about your passions, your life accomplishments and things that you’re proud of. If you still don’t know what to say, think about your parents bragging about you to other parents. What do they say? Were you always a straight A student? Are you the best sports player on your team? Lament how your parents bragged about you, then highlight the things you’re personally proud of, and pretty soon, you’ll have a Driver type profile.

My third tip is to be desciptive. Don’t just say you like to travel. Talk about your favorite travel experience, and use lots of flowery language. Describe the smells, the tastes, the way you felt. Take the reader there with you. You should consider having someone read over your profile to find out if your intentions are coming across.


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