Strategies For Locating The Top Crib Mattress

Choosing a crib mattress is as important as buying your baby’s crib. However, there are so many different styles, shapes and sizes – not to mention materials – that many parents find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of choice on offer.

It is important to choose the best eddie bauer pack and play reviews for the baby because security is of the prior concern. As there are varieties of crib mats available in the market it is hard to find the optimum one. Hence, one of the best quality products available is the natural latex mats.

What is more important than the mattress type, is the fact that it fits snug in the crib frame. This can be a little tricky because the cribs and the mattresses are often sold separately. Measure both for a tight fit before buying.

Round – Round baby cribs have become more popular option for new parents. They’re much more expensive than a standard crib, it’s around $1000 but you can find cheaper ones. The advantage of this is that they can fit well into a corner.

Take the mattress to a clean and sunny area and leave it there to dry. This will prevent molds from accumulating inside. It will also help get rid of bad mattress odor. The UV rays of the sun can also help eliminate harmful micro organisms.

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For an extra firm kind of mattress, choose this one from Colgate. Its level of firmness has been backed by sleep and medical experts. But although it is firm, it is surprisingly light in weight. Like Serta, it also has vents to regulate mattress temperature and allow better distribution of air.


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