Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks

Digg is one of those communities that seem to be a good thing but like any thing it can be abused and a little confusing if not unfair. So I have been a member of Digg since November of 2007 and have increasingly participated in submissions and getting and receiving shouts and digging friends’ submissions on a regular basis through out the day. I have accumulated 617 friends mostly by being notified that I had a fan and making them a friend.

Lastly you just need to combine the above sections into a paragraph and wolah you’ve just completed your first attempt to personal intrest finding your purpose in life.

Sequence, tempo and pulse all should blend harmoniously to deliver the results that make us relax, dance or sing along. Has anyone ever been able to resist a favorite song coming out of the speakers? People rarely turn down their stereo when entranced by the flow and quality of a good song.

We’re so used to being logged in that we forget to log out and enjoy the natural things in life. Checking emails, using smart-phones, updating fast cars and websites and watching television can be another full time job that leaves little time for relaxation. So instead of checking emails throughout the day, set aside some time, about 30 minutes or less, to check your emails. It will free up time you never thought you had and allow you to focus on doing things that don’t require logging in to complete.

There is nothing mysterious or magical about owning a business. Put simply, it is turning inspiration into hard work. If you have a dream or desire to reach your goals then you have already mastered the first step. The next step requires action on your part. There is a saying, “The only people who are not making mistakes, are the ones who are not doing anything.” Remember that all of life is a learning process, and every “mistake” an opportunity for growth. Step into your life and experience what it is like to participate in a business.

No Strangers Please: Most of these websites are notorious for the fact that if you have become a member, there is a high possibility that you mail box will be bombarded by mails from absolute strangers.

If you are interested in re-directing your life, discovering the programs that are holding you back from being everything you desire to be in creating your Dream Life, I will assist you in accomplishing this. I will support you in navigating through Life’s challenges and experiences. Stop on over to the Coaching tab on this website to find out more.


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