Positive Vibes To Start Your Day

Often, people get some sort of vibes, gut feeling, or intuition and they go with their instincts. Of course, we all do this at times, but some folks are really good at it you see. Not long ago, I mentioned this to an acquaintance and she said; “I think there are some people who have good instincts on some very high functioning levels – ah but what is instinct?” That is a completely good question, so what is it? Well, let me take a stab at it.

We all know how good We’re all in this together and bad vibes feel, but we rarely think of them as fuel for the journey to greater success and prosperity. High vibrations are fueled by positive thoughts and feelings about your life and yourself. Take the example of coming alive and thriving. How appealing is this to you? Would you like to be totally alive and allow your gifts to fully blossom? Think of it and ask yourself, between one and ten, how desirable is it to you to come fully alive and thrive?

Are you going to give away your power to this seeming assailant, or are you going to get happier with each passing moment? If you lose even one iota good vibes of joy because of an external reason it is too costly already. And what does the Law of Attraction have to do with this?

Focus on the imagery here, because pictures speak even more loudly than words. Images that emerge from the deeper levels of our awareness are holograms for our realities, so we will use them to help you to receive insight.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a very well-know marketer. He wanted me to be an affiliate manager for him. The first thing I did after our first conversation was over was to contact an acquaintance I knew had worked with him in the past. My acquaintance told me many things about my potential partner and this information was more than useful to me.

Don’t rewrite history: In order to have any hope of getting your ex back, you need to be careful to have a clear, calm head about what actually happened between the two of you. That’s right: you need to admit that the problems you experienced with your ex were the fault of both of you. There is never a one-sided fight. Doesn’t exist. If you were in a troubled relationship and it failed, you had a part to play in all of it. So, get a realistic view of your personal history with this person and you will be ready for the next tip.

A man will not give off good vibes if he is unsure of himself. When a girl says that a guy gives off negative vibes, it’s usually because has little confidence. He has to use all types of other stupid tactics to try and hide his lack of self confidence. In order to get truly incredible at appealing to girls, you must learn to have a good time. If there is one thing you can do when meeting women that will increase the odds with girls a great deal is to seem like you’re having a fun time. Guys go out to find sex. Girls go out to have fun. So if you’re not in the fun mindset you shouldn’t even bother going out to a bar. Enter with the mind set that the outcome isn’t an issue. Don’t overly worry if the woman rejects you.


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