Pinterest For Business – 5 Tips For Daily Use

Make sure you do “me time” on a regular basis. Go ahead and be a bit selfish to love yourself enough to award you ten minutes to an hour a day. Engage in an activity you enjoy that takes your mind of work or any other stressors that may be present in your life. Your sanity will thank you… profusely!

So, really, right now in this world, we have the biggest advantage of becoming a successful internet marketer (or entrepreneur). And it is all up to you on whether you want to take that advantage or not. Remember that as you pass up on this opportunity, other people are gaining from it as fast as you pass it up.

For us it’s all about using all the marketing avenues available to us to promote our online activities and naturally social media plays a part in that and will grow substantially over the coming years. However a word of caution here don’t let the other more traditional methods slip, article marketing, blog and forum commenting etc are still vital – it’s all about doing little and often across as many promotional platforms as possible.

How do you get people to read what you write? Do you dare… share? Writers have a need to write, but not necessarily a need to share. For a while, you can come here and find places to share your work. It’s your work. It’s your creativity. It’s your imagination being set free, and you should share.

My Pinterest profile works especially well to drive traffic to highly “visual” (image-driven) content. It doesn’t have the same impact on text-based content. take the idea of your book and make it visual.

You can easily learn how to create your own fan pages for your business on Facebook. And in your fan pages, you can also learn how to create apps where your fans or friends can just click on it and instantly gets access or opts-in to your web or capture page. Facebook does provide helpful instructions on how to do this.

What is special about the items in the photograph? What are the items sitting on? Is there anything else around the main items in the image? Are they bright? Black and white? Colorful? or Colourful? or both?! :p Show me your examples! And remember…it’s boring to tag your images but it’s completely worth it!

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