Pick A Part Time Job, Enjoy Your Life

When interviewing for a pharmacy technician position, it helps to know the industry and practice ahead of time to effectively answer the questions that will likely be asked by the interviewer. A positive first impression is hard to make the second time around. Being prepared along with the right type of pharmacy technician training and experience can rank you above those less prepared.

The following are just a few of the likely questions that will be asked by an interviewer. The answers are simply an example of how you might choose to respond. Your best responses might be those that are heart-felt and in your own wording.

Why: Every doctors office usually has at least one person who focuses on medical records and with the growth in the population, more doctors mean more doctors offices and a greater need for Medical Record pharmacy technician career.

I had not seen the inside of a doctor’s office in over a decade. And I hadn’t had a prescription drug other than antibiotics and painkillers even then. Now I had a husband who required lots of prescriptions, frequent doctor appointments and emergency room visits more than I care to mention. I learned his medical history. How he’s allergic to penicillin and bee stings and cats. And how he had a feeding tube while he was in the coma and how the scar in the back of his head is from where they opened his skull and inserted a shunt to drain the fluid off his brain. I can list every one of the medications he takes, the dose, how often and why.

His speech was stern, emphatic and measured. It rang with an overtone of disgust or impatience. Aphasia is a disorder that results from damage to language centers of the brain. Language is affected not only in its oral form of talking and understanding but also in its written form of reading and writing. Typically, reading and writing are more impaired than oral communication. The nature of the problems vary from person to person depending on many factors but most importantly on the amount and location of the damage to the brain.

Let’s say you are already in the pharmacy field. What would really make a difference now is a pharmacy technician career Certificate. In different cases, like a promotion, new job, high salary, this certification can provide you with an edge. If you want to expand the horizons of your career further, you should go for proper pharmacy training. A pharmacy degree is inevitable if you want a high paying salary.

I got myself on the gurney. They rushed me down the elevator and into the back of the ambulance. It was still early morning so no one was on the street.

There are many different areas that trained Pharmacy Technicians can go into. They may choose to work at a smaller, family-run drug store pharmacy or they may want to work for a larger chain store. There are advantages to both. Pharmacy Technicians can also work in hospitals. There are several choices and with a degree as a Pharmacy Technician the choice is up to you.


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