Online News Site Nma News Lampoons Judgment Day, May 21 (Video)

Dublin based Independent News & Media is, from recent news accounts, a teetering financial house of cards. It is a media conglomerate financed by a mountain of debt in an industry that nobody wants.

What type of paper is in there? According to one study, newspapers alone account to 15% of the total space in landfills. Despite the availability of news online and on television, newspapers still comprise the biggest trash deposit in landfills. Of course, there are other “papers” in landfills like old milk cartons, used notebooks, books, office waste (shredded documents) and more. Papers do not immediately “biodegrade” when they are put in landfills. A lot of studies were able to prove that newspapers as old as decades can still be readable if they are put in landfills.

As with all major investment and lifestyle decisions, take time to evaluate whether it’s the best choice for you. The great thing is this — part of your evaluation includes play. To make a good decision, you need to experience the location of your dream vacation home firsthand.

Every fundraiser will be the better for a spot – or big splash – of media attention. How to get media attention will need to start right back in that brainstorming session you have to find an unusual or innovative way of making money. While the local carwash may be of interest to those with dirty cars, it’s hardly likely to be considered a juicy media piece.

Long-term, I don’t like the idea of expensive online subscriptions. It looks like a great idea now, but it could limit future ad revenue. Becoming a dominant online news destination would prove extraordinarily profitable. Unfortunately, no one is going to capture more than a tiny sliver of the azerbaycanda son xeber market by charging a lot of money for their content.

Both The New York Times Company and Dow Jones (DJ) went the route of buying an established online destination. I’m always skeptical of these kind of me too acquisitions. These businesses did need to go online, but they needed to do it in their own way. The acquisitions will probably work out better than I thought they would. But, I still think the real value is in the brand.

I guess what I am trying to say is that your blog should provide a service to your visitors. Whether it be education, information, entertainment or anything else, AND THEN you can start adding monetization. And one final thing. BE UNIQUE. There are so many bloggers that are just writing what others are talking about because they think that is what people want to hear. I personally believe, who cares what other people are writing about, if you can do at least one of the the three things I have mentioned above, then you won’t need to copy anyone because you will have a unique services of your own.


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