Oklahoma Toastmasters Speech Contests Build Confidence

Anybody who’s going to be a best man in a wedding understands that he is going to deliver not only his presence but also his speech in a wedding. If you’re one of these best men, and you haven’t figured out how to deliver a good speech yet, then you will need the best man speech tips for a wedding.

I responded to hundreds of these leads without any turning any of those leads into sales. Then, one evening, there was a lead from someone wanting a presentation training class in Dallas. I thought, “Oh, I got this one.” And I responded to it. The next morning, I called the person and introduced myself, and she was the most cold and distant prospect I think I have ever talked to. She just said, “We’ve already chosen someone else,” and hung up. I was totally confused.

Without practice, your efficient outlines mean nothing, your knowledge of technology doesn’t matter, and you will resort back to space fillers. I recommend tape recording yourself and practicing in front of family or friends that you trust to give you honest feedback. Be open to their constructive criticism.

Don’t be driven by greed. That attitude is destructive and we have all seen it. Be driven by the desire to help others, including your immediate family. As you are able, give to the needy and the hurting. The laws of sowing and reaping apply. Live to bless others. This will keep your attitude in check and give you a sustainable reason to be. As you receive good things for your efforts then give even more to others. This is capitalism at its best and this is how it’s supposed to work. Always remember that if there were no rich people, there would be no jobs. As your business grows, you help sustain jobs for others as you buy your cars, houses, clothes and even your food. Don’t forget to tip well at the restaurant. When you do, you are helping the economy and being kind all at the same time.

When you are public speakings, your goal is to communicate with your listeners. This then becomes a two-way street. Their response to you is part of the communication process. This is where the human touch comes into the picture. If you speak to your audience, making eye contact with them and acknowledging their reactions to your message, then you are communicating.

It is not about how good you are today, it is about stage time. If you get up in front of your audience today, you will get better tomorrow, as a result of that experience.

After your introduction and you walk out on to the stage take a moment to be still. Just stand there, see your audience, take a deep breath and begin speaking. If you have prepared properly and practiced, practiced, practiced your nervousness will disappear and you will give a great speech.


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