Light Up Your Night At Cromwell Valley Park

This independent film is about a young boy seeking a musical career. Encouraged by his father, who leaves for a war zone, the young singer faces difficulties in his absence.

A lot of car thefts happen when you least expect them. Always roll up the windows and lock the car doors, even if you’re coming right back. Check inside and out before getting in.

Part of the thing which can fuel the chef is his desire to please others. Generally, people learn that others like to eat. If you can make something that makes a person gobble it down, there’s a certain power in that. You’re pleasing them. If they, then, ask for more of what you did; that’s awesome. Someone wants something that you created. That makes you feel good when you’re wanted.

The vault’s marble facing is covered by the lipstick traces from dozens, if not hundred of pairs of lips, some so faded they are barely visible. One is struck by the assortment of colors, with most replicating Marilyn’s own color choices in the deep red variety. Little notes are stuck in the cracks around her vault. Clearly, it is prime real estate in a most exclusive setting.

But the same situation is happening when we want our favorite music, and movies. It is just too expensive to satisfy our needs and passions. Entertainment is just too expensive for us. You have to pay about 30 bucks for new 123movies and about 60 to 70 bucks for video games for each movie or game you want to buy. So if there are three games that you want you have to pay about 200 bucks. That is a lot of money for three games.

Jimmy Rae: Can you talk about your four-year experience with the group, “Shag”, in the mid-90s? What did you get out of that experience and that group?

If there was a surprise this week, it came from the lackluster showing for Jesse Eisenberg’s 30 Minutes or Less, the story of a pizza delivery guy who is kidnapped, has a bomb strapped to him and forced to rob a bank, delivered just $13 million.


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