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Are you in the market for a concept car? Good for you. Are you aware of the salient points to consider when acquiring your dream concept car, or were you just excited about cruising around in your eye candy? Believe it or not, there are some very important things to consider when you are shopping for concept cars or a performance vehicle. Although some mid-size cars fit the category, which ones should I consider? Which are the top 3?

The connection of the water-mains – both hot and cold – to the shower stall. This is an area where you don’t want to take chances. Unless you have professional experience, I wouldn’t recommend you to do this yourself. The last thing you want is a premature leak due to shoddy plumbing.

This multi functioning wonder features 200,000 volts in a stun baton with a reach of 16.5 inches. 200,000 volts is enough to get anyone’s attention. This useful tool is made with FRP Grating China that makes it very durable.

The touchpad is very well built. The upper button turns the touchpad on or off, which is a good feature to have should you choose to attach a mouse. It also has the added benefit of providing minimal lighting if you’re working in the dark. The up/down and left/right scrolls are nicely done as nicely. The left/right click buttons are rubberized. Nevertheless, they make a loud clicking sound, which might become annoying. Also, the touchpad is really a bit small compared to most laptops, but this shouldn’t turn out to be a major issue.

The BMW i3 promised to reach a speed of 62 miles per hour in 8 seconds. The top speed is expected to be around 93 miles per hour. This limitation is so set as to preserve battery life. The battery charging time is six hours on full charging.

The R8 GT comes with the 5.2liter V10 engine and Audi have messed about with it and it now produces 560bhp, up from 525bhp. Torque is bumped up by 10Nm to 540Nm and all of this makes 0-100km/h in 3.6seconds, 0-200km/h in 10.8seconds with a top speed of 320km/h (198.4mph).

Certainly, the GRP mould is the motherboard for the required products. It can be used to produce the solid product. Once one product is manufactured, it is possible to further produce the mould for this kind of the product and then produce it in large quantities. Simply speaking, the biggest challenge that people face at present is to solve how to remove the finished goods from the GRP mould automatically. As long as the problem is solved, the function of this mould will be very powerful.


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