How To Keep Your Salon Clients Coming In!

Countless women regularly trim their hair believing it to be the main contributor to hair growth. But how can cutting your hair make it grow? And better yet, since when does anything done to the ends of your hair, have any benefit for your scalp. Well in all reality, it really doesn’t make sense and thus is not necessarily true. Trimming the ends of your hair does not have any affect on the growth cycle.

When was the last time you actually enjoyed a movie? Mom duty never goes away, even in the movie theater. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a film you like while the kids are in school? No bathroom breaks, no temper tantrums, no popcorn runs. Just you, your snacks and the “Silver Screen”. Feel free to bring one of those new friends. Their kids are in school too.

Within beauty salon four weeks go ahead and purchase your prom tickets. Wear your prom shoes around the house to break them in for more comfort. Also, introduce your date to your parents if they haven’t already met him. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and treat skin acne to get rid of blemishes.

If your hair ends are uneven and it’s bothering you, definitely trim to keep it looking nice. Just don’t trim it hoping it’ll help you to be able to grow out that hip yet impulsive haircut you got. Really, the best way to grow out your hair is to keep your scalp clean and your hair conditioned. Invest in one of those fabulously expensive yet utterly valuable ceramic or tourmaline flat irons. They are made to be less damaging to your hair by not frying it to a crisp. When coloring your hair go with semi-permanent instead of permanent.

The name of this local hot spot is “diva beauty a threading boutique “and the name suits this trending but old school method keratin treatment. They have a couple locations spread out Las Vegas typically located in high traffic areas. I visited their Rainbow location (Best of the West shopping center) where I was greeted by a super friendly staff, I got a chance to speak with the manager and I must say I was pretty impressed.

When I work out at home I use an exercise ball, and I have several different DVD’s that I use some are easy and some a little more challenging, but this builds your core and helps with posture also. The exercise ball is a great way to do crunches, thighs, and legs, but is puts less stress on the body. There are many videos that can help with this.

Your wedding day look makeup should be just as dazzling as your dress, shoes, decorations and everything else you’ve painstakingly chosen for your big day. Look through those magazines, book your appointment at the beauty salon, and breeze through your perfect wedding day makeup.


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