How To Be Healthy, Wealthy And Wise, Part Four – How To Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels

Almost one in 20 people now have diabetes by age 60. As of 2010 more than 285 million people had diabetes and the number is growing rapidly. The question is, can diabetes be cured?

Do you have a family member with another cardiovascular illness? Examples include high blood pressure and heart disease. As well as obesity or high cholesterol. If so, your risks will also be high.

With Type I diabetes which is usually found in adolescents and children, there is a high need for insulin. The body at this point is not able to create insulin so it is not able to transform the sugar into helpful energy. On the other hand, Type II diabetes means that there is insufficient production of insulin but can be regulated with diet. In the U.S, it’s 7th leading cause of death and it is known to lead to all sorts of heart troubles including strokes.

Environmental Conditions: This means how you live. Your diet plays a big role. Do you eat a lot of fast foods? How many servings of fruit and vegetables do you eat a day? Do you exercise? If so, how many times a week? Do you have access to medical care? If so, do you go for regular physical check ups? Combine these with your family history and race. And your risk of developing type 2 diabetes goes up.

Sorry, forgot to mention how best to manage Type 1 diabetes. It is basically involves a few elements: blood comment faire baisser son diabete rapidement control, insulin management, exercise, nutrition and support.

Diabetes burnout goes hand in hand with depression. Talk to someone and get some help, because depression will not get better on its own. Perhaps all you need is better sleep or more exercise or someone to talk to. Getting help starts with a conversation.

The use of a blood glucose meter is important for diabetics to monitor their blood sugar levels. It is a pain free process as the device usually comes with a lancet. A lancet comes in the form of a pen that has a needle at the tip used to puncture the skin for blood samples. It is important to know the proper use of the lancet to avoid unnecessary pain.

By now, you should know the definitions of insulin and glucose. There cannot be too much or too little glucose in the blood. Therefore, insulin is responsible for controlling the glucose level.


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