Home Tips: Window Wells

Pruning plants at the right time plays a very important role in their development. This is an essential task for a gardener. A bad pruning job can be likened to a bad haircut it will grow back again.

Repairs that are needed should be done listed and completed before any other work is done. In addition to the things that add to your homes curb appeal, you also need to list things that detract curb appeal. An example might be a exposed aggregate concrete walkway that has cracked, you may be able to repair or replace it to make things look nicer.

Now, you can narrow down your choices. You can now ask your choices of movers for estimates. It is always best to get several bids to find the best deal. Always bring up questions or confusions that you have in mind. Tell them about large and fragile items and ask how these items will be handled. Remember to point out concerns regarding entry to your new home, steep driveways, staircases, a small loft or anything that might cause any problems during the move.

By any name, Catfish Hunter had talent. He went 8-8 his rookie year, and then 9-11, and 13-17 as the A’s really stunk and gave him no support. But he was learning to pitch, a far cry from just rearing back and throwing like he did when he went 26-2 in high school with five no-hitters. A hunting accident almost ended his athletic career before it began, as Catfish Hunter suffered a wound to his foot that made him miss the 1964 campaign. However he would recover fully, and as he suffered through his first few losing seasons, Finley slowly built a team around him.

Spring clear your computer! Store data on an external hard drive, such as pictures, videos, and files you no longer need but have important value to you. Putting files on an external hard drive will free computer space and your computer will function better.

Also check out what the neighbor’s lawn or property looks like. Does it contain a lot of large and small sticks? Is it trashy and contain stuff that belongs in a Dumpster?

Friday March 16th a child “Ashley” was barely 18 years old chose to drive her car to school. On the way home she unknowingly shared the road with a drunk driver. How could this accident be the will of God? It can’t be God’s will for a driver to be on the road drunk! If this person had made the decision to stay off the road we wouldn’t be planning Ashley’s funeral now.


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