Home Theater Installation – Two Options

Christmas may still feel comfortably far away, but retail and customer service managers are hiring now for their Christmas holiday work force. In fact, many big box retailers break the season into Holiday I, Holiday II and Holiday III zones, and the first of those marketing zones starts next week. Retail managers want their holiday staff trained and ready to go long before Black Friday.

Plan- It’s good if you fix up a plan of where to put up your home theater system.You have to know the dimensions of your home theater system as against the dimensions of your entertainment room.It helps if you know already know where to put them before you start with the high end audio.

If you prefer to buy the pieces separate then you should do some research before hitting the stores. Perhaps you have a favorite piece you want for your home theater – if this is a must have you should figure that into your budget first and then go looking for the other pieces that will fit into the remainder of your budget. Checking out components at a few different stores before you jump in and buy can help you get a better deal and a better understanding of what you want.

Consider second hand systems. Many audio/video enthusiasts will replace their home theater components every year or two and sell their relatively new systems for a low cost. Consumers must be diligent about doing their research of the product if they buy second hand as there will typically be no warranty remaining on these pieces.

Looking at the viewing area, if you are not containing your audience within your speakers more to the point if you have people outside your sound stage, then you have lost the effect that you have been trying to achieve all along. Understand this: A theater is dynamic. Once outside the envelope of sound, your theater is nothing more than a TV, loudly. You will have lost frontal dynamic, side surround encompass, and rear finality, and based on your financial commitment to your theater, depth as far as subsonic values.

Carefully interview several contractors before selecting someone. Ask contractors a series of questions. Have these contractors done renovations in the past on homes similar to the one you own? Is the project you want to do similar in cost and magnitude to one they’ve done before? View each and every portfolio individually; learning about their locations and previous work in your area.

Since this isn’t about building a really good theater, this is about building a great room on a budget, let’s just stick with some slightly above the bottom of the line in wall or box speakers. If you can get the wires in the wall, use in-wall. Also make sure speakers have at least a 5 inch driver for in-wall speakers and 3.5″ for cabinet speakers. Cabinets can be smaller because the box they are built into has a known resonance. The smaller cube or satellite budget speaker kits just won’t cut it no matter how hard we try.

You will be spending hard earned dollars on a home theater is a big decision, so make sure that you have the best ideas in designing a home theater room. When all of this is done, you can now sit, relax and enjoy a movie in your new home theater.


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