Home Insurance Comparison For Different Types Of Dwellings

On February 1st of 2010 the entire game changed with regards to obtaining FHA insured loans for condominiums. No longer could a seller get “Spot” (single unit) approval when they tried to sell their condo. Now the entire complex has to be approved and under much more stringent regulations to boot.

That’s how it started, in the beginning, these buy condominium came down, found a property that they liked, and bought it. The supply of homes and condos in resort markets started to slowly disappear. The available inventory was quite high but prices did start to appreciate…4%-8% per year. As the market prices increased, developers started to see an opportunity to build new homes and condos.

About 10 of the redeveloped loft buildings already have some kind of recreational areas on their roofs, and more are on the way. Some of the residents say that there are no bad views from the roof of a building in St. Louis. Besides the view of the Gateway Arch and the river to the east, even views to the embattled area of north St. Louis reveal historic buildings and elegant church spires.

I recommend that you buy a condo on the top floor. In a treasure at tampines locaion the worst cause of noise comes from having neighbors moving around above you. You can eliminate this by purchasing a top floor unit. The condo I live in now is on the top floor and I almost never hear my neighbors.

Another impression that some HOA boards have is that FHA purchasers are bad credit risks. This assumption is also false. A credit score of 620 or above is required by the FHA to get their 1st tier finance program. If a buyer’s score is below 620 more down payment will be required or FHA Mortgage Insurance will not be offered. A little education of the board should be sufficient to change their minds on this point.

It’s a mistake to treat your real estate blog as “Website, Part 2.” Blogs are easy to publish, so you can publish to them more frequently. In this way, a real estate blog can become an ongoing dialogue between you and your audience (potential clients). To get the most out of this dialogue, and to achieve the believability mentioned above, a real estate blog should take on the candid, heartfelt voice of the author.

Let’s say you get rid of an unused bookcase by selling it on Craigslist for $40. Let’s say that one year later you actually need a bookcase. Within a week or two you will be able to find a used one. Most of time, you will find one that suits your needs better than the old one. In addition you’d have saved or spent $40 over the last year, and you would not have stored an unused bookcase.

Often times when a new foreclosure comes onto the market, there are multiple offers and the winning bid is often greater than the list price. These buyers aren’t doing market analysis, aren’t accurately estimating the repairs that are needed, and typically overlook critical value affecting factors. Again, they are behaving irrationally and making uninformed decisions. It seems the ego boost of telling their friends that they bought a foreclosure is more important than actually getting a good deal.


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