Hand Blown Glass Pipes-Learn To Smoke Tobacco

Glass spoon pipes, smoking pipes and bubblers come in a variety of materials, shapes and size. Each piece as nickname that the smoker generation used to describe them. In the paragraphs below I will explain the difference of each pipe and their use.

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When it is time to clean your water pipe, pour out the water and dissemble the pipe as much as possible. Using alcohol or dishwashing liquid, with uncooked rice, salt or birdseed inside the vessel, shake forcefully. Let it stand for 10 minutes then shake again. Rinse the pipe. If there are still residues, repeat the whole process. Make sure to use hot water when you are rinsing. Use regular dish soap to wash your pipe. It is easiest to reassemble glass water pipes when it is still wet.

Water pipes are common examples of products made from glassblowing. They are principally used for smoking tobacco. They act like filtration devices for the smoke. They are very similar to the traditional hookah, but are smaller and more portable. Smoking out of glass water pipes began to gain popularity during the late Ming Dynasty along with the use of tobacco. However, it was during the Qing Dynasty that it became very popular.

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Whatever style of pipe you use for smoking, it might require regular practice before you get it right and decide which type you prefer. Some claim that one type of pipe is healthier than another, while most claim there is no difference. Whether these statements are true or not is unproven. The best way to decide which type of pipe to use is to try several and decide which experience you enjoy most.


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