Grow Your Own Home Business. Making Internet Marketing Work For You.

Make money online… how can this be done? You can start an online business with no cash on hand. In fact, ordinary people can do this business online. People think that earning money online is difficult. But it only takes a computer with good Internet connection to get the task done. Many can attest to this fact – you see people turning successful because of Internet marketing. And they boggle with tremendous cash each month.

In the world of ecommerce, people are already skeptical about buying things online. They are concerned about their information and you know that you will be handling a lot of private information that should never get leaked out to the public. Credit card information, full names, and addresses are just a few things that people want to keep private. Therefore, security of that information is a huge part of having a successful business. Luckily, PHP is always server side scripting. This simply means that PHP handles information away from where others can see it. This is not to say that PHP websites can not be compromised by hackers. However, it is far less common if the programming side of things is done properly.

24/7 Support – If you have a question, it’s always nice to have someone to ask when it’s convenient for YOU. Look for a hosting company with 24/7 support. Another key feature to look for is the ability to contact your hosting company’s support team by phone, email and live chat.

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Design the website layout first. There are pre-set designs but your site as a photographer should be personal with preview photos easily visible and accessible. Your contact information and location should be easy to find as well. The header should have a featured photo. Dreamweaver is an excellent tool for website design. It is drag and drop instead of HTML code and you can get a free trial. The webpage has to able to view on all browsers so think about color and size while designing. Remember to make photos into links and use watermarks on any full size images.

If you choose to get a domain, you can easily create a WordPress blog with a pushbutton option in your cPanel account. This option is preferable so that you build up your individual web site and not something that is owned and controlled by Google. Nonetheless, you may want to use the free option initially if you don’t have the necessary money to shell out for top 10 web hosting and a domain name.

Secondly, you can now show others that arrive at your site what your offering is. How you can assist them in achieving the goal they have. You become a leader and a teacher to your potential customer or recruit. You are now building the relationship with this potential business partner.

Don’t lock yourself in a web hosting service that requires you to sign a one-year contract. If you do, it will be very difficult for you to make adjustments when you need to. More importantly, the web hosting company should have a money back guarantee in case it fails to provide the services it promised.


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