Fun Summer Marriage Proposals

David Good was the co-winner of ‘Bachelor Pad’ with Natalie Getz in 2010. I was given the chance to ask David his opinions on the new cast. Click here for the cast if you missed it. If you want to read my interview with Natalie Getz, check it out here.

Start out by trying to be a good friend to your ex. As difficult as this may seem, there was once a good relationship with your ex and there had to have been some type of common ground or interests that attracted you to each other in the beginning. Go back to those beginnings and be a friend. Show your ex that you can be around him or her without a lot of Layarkaca21 and carrying on. Show your ex that there are no hard feelings. If you can joke about the situation then do so. Friendships are healthy and happy relationships. Show your ex that you understand and care about their feelings. In order to attempt to try getting your ex back you are going to want to create a positive healthy friendship first, and then see what develops or re-develops over time.

There was so much tension so much exasperation online drama for the American sporting audience that Abby Wambach’s game-tying header in the dying moments of extra time was awarded the ESPY for best play of the year beating out Wayne Rooney and a slew of popular American sports.

In recent years in our area, the incredible rise of real estate prices made heads spin, and buyers began to talk in terms of investments instead of homes. Our expectation level of unorthodox, quick profits made some forget the other reasons to own a home – the warm fireplace to come home to, the neat row of hooks for soccer cleats or the porch where one can sit, relax and say “Hi” to our neighbors on a warm summer evening. Suddenly, it was expected to double our money on a place where we hang our proverbial hats.

You also play guitar. Do you write on acoustic, electric or both? Do you sometimes change gears, starting out with one and changing to another, thus re-creating the original musical concept?

As such, it’s important to have strategies in place for dealing with negative people. Here are a few techniques I use to ensure that miserable sods don’t steal my hard-earned positive energy.

Research each aspect of training; so you can get a versed knowledge of your specialty preference. Even if you are good in one area of training, it’s important to improve in all of them; so you can have more opportunities of getting work in the business.


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