Four Tips On How To Use Social Networking Site For Zero Cost Publicity

In my previous posts I talked a lot about the functionalities of LinkedIn, how to set it up, which other social networking sites to use besides LinkedIn and how to integrate it with your Outlook.

Following up personally within a few hours with an email directing them to specific information. It makes it easier when you follow up with a phone call, you feel like you already know each other. They can even get to know you on your social sites like Facebook and MySpace.

How does that promote your business you ask? Well if people know that Company news and inside tips you are looking for talented people they understand you are having some success. And people tend to gravitate toward those that are successful versus those that are not. If you are thinking about hiring (be it part/full time or private contractor), LinkedIn in an awesome way to reach professionals and let the world know you are doing well at the same time.

Learning how to attract people to your website is critical. Through submitting articles to directories, leaving valuable comments on forums, participating in social websites, like Facebook and Twitter, MySpace and others, people will be curious and click your link back to your website.

The third element of the online Business tips for beginners is to focus on one thing at a time. Focus on one business at a time. Focus on one product at a time. Focus on one website at a time. Focus on one opportunity at a time. There are different businesses, products, websites and opportunities and they all have great potential. It can be difficult to abstain from taking on too many projects at one time. If you try to do too many different things at one time, you will find that you are going nowhere in your business. You want one strong stream of income before you add a second one.

You can also do some research and take a look at what others in your industry have come up with. Don’t copy their style though because that would hurt your credibility. You can observe how they do things that way you can have some sort of idea how you can make yours and how to make it better! You can take note of what successful companies have done that are working for them. Just be certain that applying this as some sort of template goes way beyond than replicating the content that you have. That is why a social media management speicialist can help you as they have access to tried and tested knowledge and they can arm your business with it.

You’d be surprised how many people go into their own business with some vague idea of what they want to accomplish. Saying you want to make “lots of money” is too vague. It’s okay to say that you want to make $1 million a year. Just make sure you put together a home business model that’s capable of making that much.

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