Does Your Attitude Affect The Success Of Your Home Business?

Here are a few secrets you use to make your home look its best when you know agents are bringing clients by for a tour. You will have to get your home ready for showings by agents, sometimes on short notice. De-clutter, and thoroughly clean and neaten your home before you list it. Once your home has been spruced up, both inside and outside, you’re ready to let buyers begin looking through it. However, since you also have to live in your home during the listing period, it means that you’ll have to keep your home ready for showings by agents. Avoid last minute cleaning frenzies when you get a call from an agent wanting to show your home. Keep it clean, neat and uncluttered every day.

Pharmaceutical companies didn’t invent this concept, but they perfected it. The drug companies started bypassing the doctor and marketing straight to the consumer. Patients made doctor appointments for prescriptions only. The frequency with which these ads appear has the power to create symptoms. The customer-centric copy comes full circle. Problem. Empathy. Solution.

I won’t tell you that blindly moving ahead with no regard to safety or sanity is a good thing. However, if you decide that it’s easier or better to not even try, then just remember that your loved ones are also being let down, not just you.

This experience was my creative-cables moment, to quote Oprah Winfrey. Had I decided to work with the unmotivational motivational speaker who wasn’t a good fit, I would have had no room in my practice for the perfect client to come along two weeks later. Talk about being whacked between the eyes!

But, if the client’s only failing is that they are small, then stop before you boot them out the door. I must say that I am always peeved when I am treated as ‘small’ and makes me think twice about doing business with or referring the provider who makes me feel small. I understand volume discounts, economy of scale and so on but I don’t understand professional snobbery that often times comes with it. I confess that I am more prone to take my business to other smaller businesses that appreciate my trade.

A negative attitude teaches you lessons as well. You can say to yourself that it’s not meant to be or that you simply don’t have the ability or talent, money, connections or whatever to succeed. While it’s certainly an easy method for dealing with failure, you’re also certainly not going to be able to learn from your mistakes and if you don’t learn from your mistakes you’re destined to fail again. A negative attitude will never lead you to success. If you want to succeed, you it’s imperative that you adopt a positive mental attitude.

Trial and error means that you might, like Edison, end up failing many times before you reach success. Once you have success though, it makes your journey worth it. And don’t worry if someone seems to be moving along the path a little faster than you. Some people might seem not run into as many “errors” as other people or they might just be failing faster than you. In other words they are making more mistakes in a shorter period of time.

For me, I’m simply grateful for all the wonderful people and groups who are part of this grand tapestry of Love and Hope, and grateful that I am hearing more of these messages in all their formats whether from the past or in the present.


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