Car Accident Personal Injury Compensation

Two question get brought up a lot in just about any legal case: how much will this cost, or how must do I deserve? While putting a dollar figure on legal issues may seem to be greedy, the simple fact is when you are wronged, you deserve something. If you in turn wronged someone, they too deserve something. This gets complex, especially in car accident law, but this guide focuses on a basic question. How much is a car accident injury claim worth?

If there is property damage over $1000, if anyone was injured or killed, or if you were in an accident with a parked car or domestic animal you must file an MV-104 (Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form). This form must be filled out with in 10 days of the accident date. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

However, fractured ribs are also an example of an internal trauma. Fractured ribs could cause a punctured lung which would cause problems with breathing.

Most of the time you are sore enough from a car accident to need the massage every few days or so. Each session of massage does help relieve the pain for a few days. You could be temporarily stiff right after the massage, but it will result in more range of motion after the stiffness subsides. This results in you feeling much looser and more relaxed.

If you want to avoid getting less money for back pain you must know how to respond to the offer of auto adjuster. Everyone knows that auto insurance adjusters try to make settlements with an offer having less money. They always give a low offer to know how you will respond. Actually they just want to know how anxious you are to settle the claim. But you must remember that it is not the first and last offer. In fact it is the trick of the insurance companies to pay you as much less as possible. Many people don’t know about these tricks of negotiation and agree on the first lowest offer.

There are cases where the driver admits part liability on a proportion basis. Generally it’s 50/50, but it needs to be assessed by an investigator who will examine who’s at fault before concluding. There are even some cases that result to 80/20.

So use massage after an auto accident to relieve stiffness, pain and keep your circulation good. This will help you get well faster and back to your normal routine. Just make sure you are only worked on by a highly qualified massage therapist. Check his or her references to make sure that he or she really knows how to massage correctly. Your body will thank you!


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