Buying Insurance Leads Vs Producing Your Own

If you are a mortgage broker or loan officer currently buying mortgage leads, or you are on the market for mortgage leads, here are a few things you should know.

Well, we all know that isn’t the case, what’s really going on is people are capturing other peoples addresses and regurgitating them out as new. Or, so called qualified leads that really are just some survey some person filled out, clicked the box “I’m interested in a home business” just to get some $500.00 gift card to the local sizzler. And how much do these “qualified” “targeted” leads go for in the market place? I’ve heard easily $200.00 a month for 10,000. Your buying junk that is unqualified, soliciting and marketing to deaf ears. I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but that’s pretty much how it works.

I have a hard time paying a referral fee to someone when I’m competing with other agents, given a low quality lead and there’s no personal relationship. That’s not a referral, it’s a lead. No relationship, no history and no commitment from the potential customer to use me. I like paying referral fees to agents that have personal relationships with their real clients. When I get a referral call from another agent, they know the person being referred to me and I get the client. That’s a real referral and qualifies for that big referral fee.

Determine whether or not you will make more money servicing your “competitors” by helping them with aspects of your business that you do well. If you have figured out how do something better than your competitors, maybe you should find a way to share that information and make a profit from it. Today CPAs and attorneys are using software to work more efficiently. Who do you think writes that software? It may be a CPA or attorney who once programmed for a hobby or someone in the profession who decided to partner with a programmer. I’d be willing to bet that the software for attorneys isn’t written by former butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

Now search the internet for life insurance qualified solar leads. At least you are told they are exclusive. Taking a chance you shell out $460.00 for 20 solar appointments sworn to be the best available, 6 of these life insurance prospects agree to an appointment, and you sell two an average policy of $600.00. Now you netted out, before gas, $1,200. This semi-improvement reflects after expenses, income tax earnings of $50,000. A big step up, but it’s certainly not worth bragging about.

If you start elottery and find that you are hearing a lot of ‘glory stories’ about how people are introducing 50 people per month and you have only brought in one person then don’t worry. I m sure that these people have struggled as well or they are experienced networkers who have brought their downlines from other organisations. When you first starting out in any business you will go through a very steep learning curve that everyone will go through. Trust me; very few have had ‘instant’ success with network marketing.

Don’t be afraid from the telephone, the person on the other finish won’t bite you. A good lead is your greatest friend. They want you to provide them some thing, please throw them a life line prior to it’s to late.


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