Alert: Independent Final Expense Agents Wanted

In 2008, I lost my Father to a fast moving cancer. Dad was 85, and had lived a good long life. He worked hard, played hard and was always an excellent role model. I am proud to have had him as my Father, mentor, and friend.

First off, the client needs to see the value of having a policy and protecting the people they care about. Any life insurance I have I look at as an asset and not as a monthly expense each time I make a premium payment. It’s important you talk in terms that the client is creating an instant asset for their family and not an expense.

Most of brokers and agencies just give you contracts with companies (at low commission levels), a few pointers on how to sell final expense insurance quote (if you are lucky), and offer you direct mail final expense leads, charging you the same as if you did it yourself.

It is simply a small face value whole life policy that has been designed to be easy for seniors to apply for. Face values usually range from $2,500 – $25,000. They are meant to pay for funerals, handle other expenses, and pay off debts. Any remaining cash can be used by the named beneficiaries in any way they see fit.

It is great to know the complications, which may very well come as a result of this disease, yet I have great news to share. Knowing a head of time allows preparation and planning. Our families will be the ones chosen to go back and forth fetching the things that we need until we are healthy again or pass on, so let’s do everything within our power to get and stay healthy by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising daily.

These applications ask few health questions. Most seniors should be accepted. Coverage should be immediate after the insurer accepts the policy. This is a good choice for most older people who do not have any serious health conditions. The lower premiums and immediate death benefit are important to consider.

Selling Final Expense in and of itself isn’t necessarily profitable. It really boils down to how you do it and what platform you use in selling it. The old way is out and not very profitable anymore.

It was not only the last thing on my mind but truly the last thing I wanted to deal with at that moment so I’ve decided to do a little research on how to keep my family out of that mess when my time comes. For that, I’ve found the one simple solution and it’s known as final expense insurance. Truly, final expense insurance is what I have been seeking. I have it organized to cover all my current debts, which I hope to eliminate before I pass, and to leave small bequests to those that stick around after I’m gone. I feel great knowing that my family will have less stress.


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