5 Reasons Your Small Business Website Is Useless

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Infographics can be a tool to present data not just because it is eye-catchy but also it is easy to read and understand. Take time to choose attractive images for your blog posts. You can check out some blogs’ designs for additional ideas. Differentiate good image and the poor ones by taking a look on your favorite blog sites. You can also rely to some web design services found online and get advice from a Professional Web Design Company.

Inconsistent SEO and short term SEO campaigns: Many SEO consultants fail to see the benefit of a consistent SEO campaign. Their SEO campaigns start and stop in fits and starts. SEO companies and clients – both share the blame. SEO companies under pressure to get more clients promise great results in a short span of time. Anyone who understands SEO knows that this is not how SEO works. Many clients need quick results which force a seo company to accept unrealistic deadlines. When desired results do not materialize, SEO campaigns stops dead on its track. Another SEO campaign bites the dust and another disillusioned SEO client.

Scour the Web: Try to look for websites similar to your business model and get in touch with the ones that excite you. Ask the owners how much they paid to get the design work done.

Poor readability and improper text size increases frustration, and frustration leads to site abandonment. Also, make sure your line spacing and text size is adequate, so user can read with ease.

There are web sites and then there sloppy web spaces masquerading as websites. Both are completely different. Just because you slapped some words on a pre-installed template and bagged yourself some cheap hosting doesn’t mean you have an effective online web presence.

There are several factors about links that will improve or reduce your ranking, but the ones listed above should give you a quick and easy explanation into the inner workings of SEO link building.


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