Tips On How To Lighten Skin Pigmentation Problems

Acne is a natural process that occurs commonly at the teen age between 20 years of age. This occurs when oil is secreted in excess by skin oil glands. Natural treatments are the best way to treat acne as they are not only less expensive, but also do not cause a lot of side effects.

rosehip oil is one of nature’s best anti-wrinkle fighters. Many women have seen vast improvements when using it to combat wrinkles. Try adding a few drops of the ordinary rosehip oil around your eye area before you sleep at nights. This will help to keep the skin moist as well as protected, and it’s especially good if you live in dry climate locations.

Honey and Pearl Powder – This is useful for active acne but will also expedite the rejuvenation process of your skin and therefore expose smoother skin quicker. Apply it for fifteen minutes once a week. This is one of the best natural acne treatment.

Measure out 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of salt in a small bowl. Pour just enough grape seed oil over the granules to moisten them before gently massaging them into the skin where you suffer from acne scars. Grape seed oil helps speed the healing process while salt and sugar both act as mild exfoliants. Massage every night for five minutes and allow the mixture to remain on your face for an additional ten minutes before rinsing with tepid water. If your face begins to sting, rinse before ten minutes and add only half the salt next time.

Lavender oil moisturizes the skin and helps to smooth it. Most people who use it find that it’s one of the most effective ways to soften the skin and when the skin is softer you get better results – the skin is lighter, feels nicer and looks better.

Extrapone Nutgrass contains lightening properties that can inhibit melanin production. This is one of the natural ingredients that can produce quick results. It lessens spots by up to 45% during the first two weeks of use. Continuous use of the product will eventually fade the dark spots completely.

The roots of burdock are acne really efficiently. Eliminate waste and toxins from the blood. It also helps maintain balanced hormone levels. This is very important since the fluctuations in hormones, and excess toxins can cause acne. To use this drug, picked up a series of round plunge burdock tea and Apply it in the face. Cut the entire aloe leaf from the plant, slit it down the middle, and let the yellow latex drain. Although, the latex is beneficial in other treatments, using it for acne spot treatment is not recommended. Use cold water to rinse the gel and apply it over the spots. Make sure the gel doesn’t enter the eyes. You can store the gel in an air-tight container and refrigerate it for a week.

Lavender oil is a great, great way to help reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Just remember that it’s a natural remedy and because of that you will probably need to keep up the treatments for a month or more to see good results. Keep going though – it is worth it as lavender can be very effective.


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