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One of the most popular topics among information entrepreneurs (infopreneurs) is public domain works. There are entire publishing empires built on their use. Who knows, yours might be the next. Here we discuss four specific categories that fall into the public domain. The first three are specific to the United States and the last relates to foreign works (outside of the U.S).These are by no means all of the categories, but the ones most frequently of financial benefit to entrepreneurs.

Juanita: All these events, political, environmental and social, are tied in together with man positioning himself as the center of the universe. Global warming and the ecological situation is related to the disregard of responsibility to a higher authority, as in the creator; after all, if we are the result of one Big Bang, so let another bang fix it, or not. Corporate and Alternate history corruption are the natural result of our own unchecked greed, why not, are we not the center of the universe? And if we are, what difference, if it feels good…just do it. When everything became relative, our own destruction became inevitable.

Frank: We know that nature will go through much despair, and this in turn will mean famine, plagues and then, political unrest as never before. The book of Revelation goes into great detail of these not so distant events. There the picture is of four horsemen, one being a great political figure that will appear to bring peace and solutions to the troubled world, but instead will make the likes of Stalin and Hitler pale by comparison.

Prosecutor Jean Duffey was one of the few would didn’t play along. She was threatened and eventually run out of town. She thought her life was in danger and moved to Houston, TX where she now teaches high school geometry. Duffey was appointed to head a federally funded drug task force in Arkansas. The day she was appointed Gary Arnold walked in and told her she was not to use the task force to investigate Governmental Corruption any public officials.

Here is a list of brand new, very cool watches that all come in under $500. Some are sporty looking watches and others are more elegant. All of these watches can be worn by both men and women.

Perhaps the greatest thing about these types of loans is that they draw from what is already yours: your salary. What is wrong about borrowing your own money? Nothing at all, when you are faced with an emergency.

The people who caused the cocaine epidemic that swept the nation during the 1980s wasn’t African Americans in the ghetto. Many of them in those days could barely cash a paycheck, much less smuggle drugs via planes into the country. When the USA has satellite technology capable of reading the writing on a golf ball, there should be no difficulty tracking down the likes of drug smugglers and Bin Laden. That is unless you are covertly working with them.

Even Gucci, the famed Italian fashion house, has a few women’s watches that are going for under the $500 mark. The Gucci 107 and 109 women’s models both resemble jewelry; perfect for a delicate wrist or the woman that loves bangles.


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